I’m Nicolas, a Montreal-based iOS developer — product oriented.

I work at Nuglif, the technology company behind the french newspaper La Presse in Québec, since October 2017.

Before that I've been living in Brussels, Belgium for 6 years. I've worked for various companies there. The most notable was the start-up Take Eat Easy, one of the first food delivery company. But also Kapaza, a second-hand platform in Belgium, EASI and Fingerapps.

I've been doing some freelancing recently, for Walltime and Unsplash. I'm currently working on Remember, a side project.

I've been working with iOS since January 2010, when the iPad came out. I also used to do some Web development in the early days.

I love working with designers in a creative work environment.

I love building products.

Oh, and I play drums. 🤘🥁