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Crafting apps for 10+ years.
I love building products.

2021 – Present


An all-in-one tool for coaches.

Practice is an all-in-one tool to help individuals launch and run coaching and consulting businesses. We raised $10m led by a16z.

I joined the company very early as the first software engineer. I’m in charge of the iOS app and I also participated in the launch of the Web app.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first team members (along with Julien Smith, Ben Nevile, and Arnaud Spuhler) and have already gone through several phases of business growth.

I'm learning a lot about building and scaling a start-up, finding product-market fit, hiring, and also how to brew coffee ☕️.


2022 – Present


Take notes without interrupting your flow.

Type lets you quickly jot things down with the timestamp attached in a single note, without interrupting your flow.

2017 – 2019

La Presse

The biggest news media in Québec, Canada.

Nuglif is the technology company behind La Presse, the biggest news media in Québec.

La Presse needed to refresh his app published 7 years ago, in order to gain new users and improve its revenues.

I was part of the iOS team, helping to develop the new version of the app from scratch. The app has been built in a modular way, resulting in a UI completely customizable by the back-end.

The app is using the Texture Framework to keep the interface smooth and responsive.

La Presse


Unsplash Photo Picker

iOS UI component to quickly search the Unsplash library.

Unsplash is the leading website dedicated to sharing stock photography of high quality.

The Unsplash Photo Picker is an iOS UI component that allows you to quickly search the Unsplash library for free high-quality photos with just a few lines of code.

I helped Unsplash’s iOS developer Olivier Collet to create the Open Source component and make it compatible with Carthage and CocoaPods, while he wrote the code for the models and the collection view layout.

Unsplash Photo Picker

2015 – 2016

Take Eat Easy

Fastest growing Belgian startup, specialized in food delivery by bike.

Take Eat Easy was one of the fastest growing Belgian startup, specialized in food delivery by bike. It was operating in 18 cities across 4 countries: Belgium, France, UK, and Spain.

I joined the company as the first iOS developer just after they raised a 2nd round. Not long after, I was joined by my awesome colleague Warren Gavin. Together we developed the new version of the iPhone app from scratch (the previous version was of Proof of Concept sent in production).

I got the chance to work with amazing people and I learned a lot about the world of start-ups, SCRUM, working in an English environment, fastlane, Dynamic Type, Payment with Adyen.

Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt 10 months after I joined, due to the failure of raising a 3rd round.

Those were the best 10 months in my professional career. It was hard when it suddenly stopped.

The app is still available on the App Store, even though the servers are down. At least, you can still find the Easter Egg.

Take Eat Easy